Come on out and meet the Medicine Pony Mustangs
They are decedents of the Spanish Horses taken on ships to the Americas by the conquistadors,
adopted by the Native American Horse Tribes and famous as the little Indian War or buffalo Ponies

They are gentle enough for children, fast enough for the buffalo runner, brave enough for the warrior
the chosen horse for the Shaman and Medicine Woman 

Community & Social care Farm
Help care for the herd and the land they live on
We aim to provide the herd with as natural a life as possible within the confines of a domestic situation
they live together in a large family group and are free to come and go as they please,
they love to meet new friends and have some FUN!!

Equine Facilitated Learning & Horse Whispering for Teens
To make friends with a mustang you need to "Whisper" and listen to what they say
come and practice the ancient art of celtic horse whispering with the herd
or chose a favourite to pamper and care for

Horses and the Medicine Wheel
Way of the Medicine Pony Sacred Circles
Invite the herd to guide you on a tranformational Journey around the Wheel of Balance
or practice your Healing & Horse Whispering Skills

Spanish Mustangs for sale and loan
Have you always dreamt of having a mustang of your own?
Chose one of the herd to bond with and care for